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The University of Southampton
Schools and colleges

Schools and colleges 

Our Schools Liaison Team works with schools, colleges and community groups, both locally and nationally, to support students in their progression into higher education.

Events for teachers and students

Events for students and advisors

A range of events for teachers, parents and students, delivered throughout the academic year.

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A guide for teachers

Teachers' guide

A guide to our education liaison activities for schools, colleges and students.

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Subject-specific talks

Subject-specific talks

Talks, workshops and taster lectures available on and off campus delivered by our academics

Work experience students

Medical Work Experience

The University of Southampton are offering opportunities for 2 day work experience placements at University Hospital Southampton or a GP Practice for students interested in pursuing a medical career

Talk to US!

Talk to US!

Talk to US! is the University of Southampton's School-University Partnership Initiative, part of a national network of projects funded by RCUK.

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