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The University of Southampton
University life

Our university cities

We are a multi campus university, with campuses located in Southampton, Winchester and Iskander in Malaysia. Learn about student life in our university cities which offer diverse, vibrant and thriving student communities, and a variety of things to do day or night.

Southampton Ocean Village Marina


Get a feel for Southampton and what makes it such a fantastic student city.

Students sat on green area outside Winchester Cathedral


Find out more about the city of Winchester and what it has to offer our students studying at the Winchester School of Art campus.

EduCity building Malaysia

Iskandar - Malaysia

Learn about our University of Southampton Malaysia campus located in Iskandar in Johor, just minutes from Singapore.

Visit the city

If you are coming down for an Open Day or to visit us, why not take the opportunity to see the city.

There is always lots going on or plenty of places to visit if you prefer to take things at your own pace. Don't forget to check out what's on locally so you don't miss out.

Ways to visit us
Unilink bus collecting students

How do I get here?

Southampton and Winchester both have excellent travel links and are easy to get to. Find out the best way to get here for you.

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